My name is David. I am 23. My family is of Hispanic descent. I have family members that run their own businesses in plumbing, roofing, income tax preparation, residential rental property, construction, graphic design and insurance. I am one of the first to run my own business in the tech industry that involves coding and information technology (IT). Family and friends are what keep us together, as well as honesty and respect towards one another.

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I have hobbies that come and go or stay for the long run. I love to play video games and watch lore-driven movies and TV shows. I like to code to further my skills in my field and build computers. I like most music for the most part, as well as playing guitar when I have the time to do so. I would also hope to learn how to fix and repair mechanical parts on vehicles in the future.

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My current plans is to learn much as possible in the tech industry such as "mastering" coding and information technology. I am currrently learning how to make video games with the library called pygame and when im ready the unity game engine. So for now, learn much as possible and attend to my business at all times.

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The future for me is to have multiple businesses that involve software and information technology. I will begin to expand GarciaWebDeisgnz into a game studio that will create top-tier, high-quality games. The time will come when I'm ready to expand and explore new horizons. I will create my own simple steam game this year (2022) or later, and one day, play on PlayStation and Xbox.

Certifications & Education

To instill my clients with confidence in my abilities with web development.